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207 Church Street, Clover, SC 29710
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+1 803-222-3063

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  • Deanna Venezia
    Oct, 18 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
    I truly like the P.A., Mrs. Furr. She's absolutely wonderful. She takes her time and she listens. She's one of the best physicians that I've seen. I'm really not happy with the follow-up of this office though. I called on Tuesday about a prescription that was denied to be refilled and haven't received a call back. I understand that they have to see you every so often, but if you're going to be cut off cold turkey on a medicine that you depend on - in my case for sleep - it would be wonderful if you knew the month prior. I don't think it would be that hard for one of their assistants to give a heads up on that. I've had to get Medicaid due to losing my job and a separation from my spouse - not something that I've ever had before, but I'm thankful that it was available to me and my child. Medicaid has told me multiple times that Family Medicine accepts them. When I asked them about it, they said they will only accept it for children, not adults. (Huh?) That's a bummer that I can't see my favorite doctor. Anyway, long review in short version, I'm disappointed that they couldn't let me know ahead of time that the medicine I need to sleep (and function) was on it's very last refill without going to the doctor. Now I have to find a new doctor that accepts my insurance, which I have, but I will have to drive from Clover to Rock Hill. I hope that you guys start accepting Medicaid for adults, or that I get a wonderful job, soon.
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Novant Health Family Medicine Associates (Clover)

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